Increase your productivity on-the-go with EM.Distribution. A newly updated, future-proof mobility solution for delivery of goods.

Victor Surpaceanu, Consafe Logistics’ Product Manager for Enterprise Mobility solutions talks about how the next generation of EM. Distribution enables companies to manage their delivery flows, and connect to their backend systems in real-time to know exactly where everything is – and the best way of taking it to where it should go.


So what is EM.Distribution – next generation?

EM.Distribution is a complete software solution consisting of a mobile app and an administrative office client. It’s connected through a mobile platform to a server and different data sources from communicating backend systems.

What does it do?

Using EM.Distribution, companies fulfils delivery quality KPIs and record deviations from delivery flow. It’s a smart way to provide customers and management with proof of delivery and a record of time and place of completion of tasks. It also lets drivers register and photograph any deviation such as package breakage, proof of leaving goods at reception, etc. It helps companies manage recyclables and returns in a controlled effective, way and provides the WMS with a way to prepare for incoming goods.

Which systems does it work with?

While integrating with any major WMS, transport planning or ERP system, EM.Distribution is a perfect match for Extend MES and Astro WMS customers. It allows supply chain specialists to take decisions optimized beyond the “four walls” of the warehouse, taking in account the entire flow of goods to and from the end customer.

What is special about this release?

The latest release offers unique benefits that sets it apart from its competitors and previous generations of mobility products. The new generation of EM.Distribution is a standard, release-managed software package that handles future market demands, while offering the opportunity to customize processes and expand with bespoke customer modules. It boasts a modern User Experience (UX/UI) which enables customers to deploy and operate the solution with less training, relying on the intuitive design of the application. The solution is designed to work in a “BYOD” environment, to make the process of onboarding of new groups of users as easy and cost effective as possible.


As with most Consafe Logistics products, EM.Distribution is future-proof, standard, yet easily customised, release managed, scalable and extensible. It has a set of standard functionality that fit the needs of most customers, yet it is easily adapted and/or extended to support any bespoke processes by layering them onto the app.

How does it help drivers?

It helps drivers perform tasks from most common Android devices (both rugged handhelds and smartphones) or iPhones. Drivers never again need to handle a piece of paper, and externally contracted drivers can bring their own device, download the app within 30 seconds, then drive away to handle deliveries with exacting precision.

How secure is it?

Built on a market-leading mobility platform, the solution guarantees the highest level of data security and it can remotely manage user and devices. As an example, a system administrator can remotely delete the app from an external driver’s phone at the end of their contract time or assignment with the company.

What does a company get out of it?

This application is an easy, cost effective way to improve customer support and customer satisfaction. Thanks to the office client and integration with 3rd party GPS navigators, transport managers, dispatchers and customer service agents can monitor their fleet and see if vehicles are empty or with orders, where they are, expected arrival times, etc. They can historically recount operations over time in terms of orders/drivers/trucks. And can even drill down to package level to see exactly what the status is.


Who should use it?

Companies like Carlsberg, use EM. Distribution to manage distribution routes, transport orders, collections, positioning, navigation, zone reporting, communication and alarms. Using EM. Distribution you’ll offer better service, strengthen relations with your customers, and quite simply, make more money.

For more information about EM.Distribution or any of our enterprise mobility solutions, please contact Victor Surpaceanu, Product Manager – Enterprise Mobility on:
Phone: +46 (0)46 280 05 04

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