OpView - Make better decisions faster

OpView is a powerful, easy-to-use decision support tool that helps logistics managers and super users in their quest for more accuracy, efficiency and traceability in their daily work. It adds greater value to your ERP and Supply Chain IT systems like MES, WMS or Delivery applications.

OpViewOpView is a scalable module that collects and visualizes data from one or many data sources. This powerful, easy to use tool makes support for decision makers and super users a lot more flexible through different dashboard consoles. It visualizes information both on the web and through the tool itself, giving people the ability to make spontaneous decisions regarding every aspect of goods flow through a warehouse, optimizing operations and increasing margins.

Add value to your business

Regardless of the size of operations, the flexibility, power and ease-of-use of OpView enables people to make much better decisions faster. Easy to set up and run, it gives you access to live analytical data, as well as historical data from different systems. It presents information for decision makers, giving them an immediate visualization of information on screens, enabling people to analyze, evaluate and act on information on the fly.

OpViewDesign your own dashboard

Depending on what you need to analyze, OpView lets you design the dashboard according to any predefined KPIs, or other KPIs that need analyzing at any given time. You can create your own KPIs and SQL queries, receiving the information you need from one or many data sources. Using the tool you can design and view information in different formats, apply filtering, or analyze data at different levels.

OpView presents information in a various formats including pivot, grid, charts, gauges, etc. It enables a range of data shaping operations such as grouping, sorting, filtering, formatting, and more.

National or international

Using OpView, people can view information on maps, receiving data on country or local sites, view single pages or a page series in the OpView web page. You can also export data to PDF or an image to send it to someone else or add it to a report.


OpView is a must-have tool for today’s supply chain. By presenting a complete view of the business in real-time, regardless of which IT system is used to collect data, it allows people to act spontaneously to rapidly changing situations, driving up efficiency and driving down operational cost.

For more information about OpView, please contact Mikael Brorsson, Product Manager at Consafe Logistics at sales@consafelogistics.com

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