Solution Approved. Tried, Tested Hardware That Just Works

The short-term savings gained from searching for best prices on hardware that may prove incompatible can become an expensive investment. “Solution Approved” hardware is tried and tested to ensure everything connected in the system works from the second it goes online.

When selecting new hardware for supply chain execution, many companies search for best prices on a range of different products. However there is no guarantee that this hardware is compatible and companies can lose time and money in frustrating integration work, where hardware suppliers deny responsibility for two products not being compatible with each other.

100s of different product tests

Before offering the products Consafe Logistics evaluated a complete range of hardware products, testing them exhaustively in terms of firmware and Operating Systems, communication between devices, connectivity protocols, performance and more.
By investing in compatibility testing we remove problems in production, which significantly lowers any risk of production loss.

The result is a set of ready-to-go hardware that fulfils all the criteria companies need in the core logistic areas of production, warehouse, distribution and store. When companies are ready to go live they can do so with the security that all hardware components will work seamlessly, ensuring maximum uptime in the given environment from the start.

“No manufacturer in the world produces equipment that doesn’t work. Everything works, but the challenge is to make the integration between software and hardware, and hardware and hardware work.” Says Staffan Persson, Hardware Director at Consafe Logistics.

Concentrate on the profit, not the pitfalls

By specially selecting and testing Solution Approved hardware our technicians and support personnel become experts on the conditions the hardware should work in, and any eventual problems that may occur. In the unlikely event of a breakdown our staff act immediately, minimising disruption and maximising customer satisfaction.

Price press

By choosing a limited range of hardware we know works seamlessly together, we can then negotiate with the manufacturers to get volume discounts that we then pass on to customers, giving you high quality products with no risk at a low price.

Single point of contact

Cutting down on suppliers cuts complexity and makes installation of hardware and systems more easily manageable. More and more customers have chosen to work with only one supplier such as ourselves for all their software, hardware, services and support, saving considerable amounts of energy and money on integration and response times.

All Solution Approved packages are specified on our portal, the HWStore, making them easy to choose and order.

Benefits of Solution Approved hardware

  • Products tested together in specific environments for maximum efficiency and minimum disruption
  • Support staff have higher competence on fewer products, meaning shorter support times
  • Removes guesswork and insecurity from hardware integration
  • High-volume purchasing for competitive pricing
  • Fulfils criteria for the most common supply chain applications
  • Single point of contact saving on integration and minimising downtime

Staffan Persson

Staffan Persson

For more information on our Solution Approved Hardware packages please contact:

Staffan Persson, Hardware Director,
Jonas Lundberg, Sales,
Telephone: +46 (0) 709 89 52 15,

Consafe Logistics
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