Mobile solutions, or timely logistics

Growing competition and increasing customer demands expecting timely deliveries of forwarded shipments force owners of logistics companies to develop IT infrastructure, including mobile solutions, that is necessary for efficient delivery chain management. Mobile solutions involve a set of intelligent tools that automate a series of transport management operations, which provide the forwarder with real-time access to statuses of orders and central order execution control capability. Thus, the risk of delays or wrong delivery is minimised. The use of advanced technologies also brings financial benefits. It is easier to lower fuel costs or cut the transport route if the forwarder has a transparent system that indicates the current state of the fleet and the geographical location of each shipment.

Mobility on highest levels

An examples of a solution that optimises all logistics processes in ControlTransport by Consafe Logistics. It is a mobile transport management support system which provides real-time access to order status and a central order execution control capability. "The major task of the system is to streamline the performance of forwarding and transport orders. The solution enables control of shipment from A to B, transported through handling terminals C, D, E etc.," says Marcin Michalski, Project Manager at Consafe Logistics. "The control is done through shipment (order) tracking both at the level of a selected carrier and the entire shipment, which simplifies the forwarders’ work. What is also innovative about the solution is that it allows for ongoing status changes, control of discrepancy reports and difference protocols, as well as assigning in exceptional cases the discrepancy statuses to carriers and entire shipments."

Bureaucracy decreased to a minimum

By simplifying and automating various shipment delivery procedures, the mobile solutions reduces paperwork and administrative work. Another example of ease-of-use provided by implementation of such a system is the option of printing and invoicing immediately after the shipment delivery to end recipient. Shipment handover is handled much more rapidly as well – all you need is electronic signature on the terminal, which constitutes at the same time the proof of delivery and the confirmation to the carrier that the shipment made it to the correct address. Customers should also feel the difference stemming from the use of modern IT solutions by the logistics company. “Through integrated and fully mobile software, our customers receive online information about shipment status, owing to which they know when they can expect order delivery, which in turn allows for more rational resource management,” says a representative of a forwarding company.

Immediate response

Flexibility of operations constitutes a vital characteristic for logistics companies. A comprehensive mobile solution helps optimise the drivers’ work through ongoing management. The system allows data updates on mobile devices and in the real-time management part. For example – the forwarder, noticing the loading of cars or the number of orders under execution in the system, may freely change the route and performance of the order to achieve better work efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Without any revolution within

Intelligent mobile solutions are devices that may easily be implemented in every logistics company without any necessity to perform a risky IT revolution. The system may be integrated with any external third-party application, and in particular with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems, TMS (Transport Management Systems), CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and financial-accounting systems. This provides the management and employees with ongoing access to updated information.

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