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“With ControlTransport from Consafe Logistics, we have been able to automate transport, from order processing to fleet management. The system also helps simplify our accounting and invoicing," explains project manager Morten Bodding from Berendsen Tekstil Service AS.

The company supplies working clothes, mat and hygiene services to medium-sized and large companies. Berendsen Tekstil Service has been so satisfied with the system in Norway that Morten Bodding believes it will be introduced in a number of the company’s international departments. "Our Swedish colleagues are already interested and we will be introducing the system to them soon. They can see the benefits of the integration work we have carried out. ControlTransport from Consafe Logistics may well be an important tool for the entire group in the future," claims Morten Bodding.

A number of systems were assessed

Berendsen Tekstil Service has worked its way through a comprehensive selection process, during which they assessed a number of IT systems. "Our final choice was ControlTransport from Consafe Logistics. We were able to take part in developing the system together with the supplier. They have provided excellent integration with our laundry Logistics System Service Online (SOL)," explains Mr. Bodding. He goes on to explain that Berendsen has benchmarked system performance on the market and with the group subsidiaries. "ControlTransport provides us with an excellent overview, less manual work, improved delivery quality and higher flexibility."

Gains in efficiency

"The system reduces fuel, personnel and administration costs and meets all requirements regarding traceability, correct registration of deliveries, efficiency and environmental friendliness. The gains in efficiency are considerable, both for employees and the vehicle fleet as the system can be directly integrated with our transport and office support systems. This provides excellent savings and improved delivery quality," explains Mr. Bodding.

Electronic distribution systems

Electronic distribution systems are an important target area for Berendsen Tekstil Service AS. The company has 70 drivers distributed among six different operating units. Every week, these drivers work 350 routes. "We process 55,000 consignment notes every month, and therefore relied strongly upon finding an efficient tool to help us reduce costs and improve delivery quality. Our customers also demand documentation of punctual deliveries," continues Mr. Bodding.

First on the market

"Together with Consafe Logistics, it has taken us 1 1/2 years to prepare the system for our purposes. We are the very first Berendsen company to choose this system. Implementation started in early June 2009 and the system is now fully adapted to company procedures." Morten Bodding was assigned responsibility for training the drivers in the different units in Norway. "We have noticed that a number of our service drivers save time due to the efficient handling and planning of routes. With 350 routes per week, the potential savings in fuel, vehicles and environment are formidable. The greatest benefit however is the increase in delivery quality for our customers."

Distribution procedures

"Twice a day, we transport textiles to and from our plant in Oppaker to a central warehouse in Furuset, Oslo. The majority of distribution takes place from the central warehouse, with the exception of deliveries to the north, to Hedmark and Oppland counties. In principal, we make use of hired in transport operators in Oslo. At our other plants, we mainly use our own drivers," explains Mr. Bodding. He confirms that the new distribution system from Consafe Logistics is made up of handheld terminals. "Our drivers use these terminals to register where he/she is on the road, when the goods have been delivered and any non-conformances. The customer signs for receipt on the terminal and this information is sent directly to our ERP system, which generates changes, electronic receipts for list of contents and non-conformance reports. This provides huge savings in both time and money. We now have total control of the flow of goods from A to Z and are confident of a full return on our investment in the system."

Savings and efficiency

Before implementing the system, Berendsen Tekstil Service had to manually sort several thousand lists of contents and distribute these to the different routes. "We have made huge reductions in our paperwork and cut costs by automating this process," explains Mr. Bodding. He goes on to say that the company has been able to reallocate internal resources to other assignments and has reduced unnecessary costs. "Our employees who used to work with preparing assignments have now been reassigned to customer contact. We have now implemented a development program for our customer service."

Comprehensive process

"We register all units according to weight and wash frequency. A data chip is sewn in to each garment, providing information on e.g. age of garment, how often it is washed, personal user information etc.," Mr. Bodding explains. "We have full control of historical data regarding where the garment has been used, from acquisition to disposal."

"Customers have access to our statistics via our SOL website. The website can also be used by authorities and other parties for follow-up and control. We and our customers have to work according to stringent requirements regarding hygiene. We are therefore reliant upon excellent documentation in order to sustain market confidence."

Unique documentation

The company specialises in hiring out working clothes, mats and hygiene products. They have a strong position on the Norwegian market. "With our most recent mats, we can achieve the same logistics management as for working clothes," Mr. Bodding explains. He points out that Berendsen Tekstil Service relies on good logistic and distribution procedures to keep costs low.

Financial crisis

Berendsen Tekstil Service has hardly noticed the financial crisis, particularly on the market for mat hire. There has been a slight decline in the working clothes segment, as certain industrial companies have been hit harder than others, resulting in workforce cuts. "We have a positive outlook and notice a definite upturn in the market."

Environmental profile

A good environmental profile is a decisive factor when submitting major tenders. "We place an emphasis on reducing the number of kilometres for each delivery. Our largest customers in particular demand a clearly defined environmental profile. Both the authorities and our customers require us to have good procedures for marking, storage and handling of chemicals in connection with our washing processes. We have ISO certification for both environmental protection and quality. These are factors which reinforce our reputation on the market," concludes Morten Bodding.


About Berendsen Tekstil Service AS:



Berendsen is one of Europe’s leading companies within textile services.

Berendsen Tekstil Service AS is part of the Davis Service Group, which specialises in textile services for companies and the public sector. In addition to its operations in Norway, Berendsen has offices in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Poland and Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia and operates under the Sunlight brand in Great Britain.

The company covers the need for working clothes, mat and hygiene services and meets high requirements regarding quality and security of supply.



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