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Making goods flow truly dynamic

COOP_photoIn the autumn of 2006, the Coop chain of stores,with thousands of outlets in Norway, began using DynamicStore from Consafe Logistics for ordering products, checking inventory, monitoring prices, consignments and warehouse status, and printing labels.

Earlier solutions did not provide sufficient information to the employees in the store, so they had to go several rounds to place an order or do other work-related tasks.

Before DynamicStore was installed, labels were printed on an order form, and orders were placed manually as employees walked around the store before transferring the information from paper to computer.

Inge Henriksen, another Coop employee, is very pleased with DynamicStore as it both saves time and ensures that the order is correct. All they have to do is scan an item with the handheld unit, or as they say 'shoot it' then use the keypad to enter the quantity to be ordered.

When all the items that need to be ordered are scanned, the mobile unit is placed in a desktop docking station and the order is transmitted automatically. It is easy to check the details of an order before it is sent to the vendor or warehouse to be filled. This optimises the use of all resources and eliminates most errors. In addition to processing an order more quickly, the solution gives a better overview of inventory since it is based on up-todate information about the in-store stock.

"Since we are the largest store in this region we place huge orders", explains Frank. "To save time and money, it is vital that the orders we place are correct. For us, a professional order system is a must and DynamicStore from Consafe Logistics was definitely the right choice."

"Anyone who has worked in a store knows that shelf labels fall off or simply disappear. It is handy to be able to scan the product label and print a new one. This saves a lot of time and energy", says Frank at the Coop obs store in Jessheim.



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