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Indiska keeps the faith

Indiska’s brand of Asian inspired clothing and furnishings has been part of the Scandinavian retail landscape for decades. Browse the pages of Indiska products, and you’re instantly transported to the Orient.The company has been trading with India for nearly 100 years, and now also trades with other oriental countries, especially China.Indiska is a family run business, and is today overseen by the third generation of the Thambert family, with its head office in Stockholm, Sweden and a central warehouse in Västberga, south of Stockholm. The company has 88 shops and employs 600 staff, turning over 750 million SEK(excl. VAT) a year. Indiska is now expanding and has overseen its choice of ERP and Logistics solutions to make growth as cost-efficient as possible.

Astro WMS. Simply stronger

Four years ago, Indiska installed Astro WMS to work together with the ERP they used at the time. Astro WMS helped the company streamline logistics routines and soon paid for itself. Previously 20 people worked in the warehouse, managing the picking process. Now there are 8. Logistic Manager Anders Linnarsson comments, "We wanted a simple, strong system with strong references. One we know worked and with a high degree of compatibility to other systems. That’s why we chose Astro WMS. It has given us full traceability and an efficient flow of goods in the warehouse, from buffer zones to picking areas. What impressed us was its user friendliness. It has simple views and not so many screens to scroll when working in it. For us it has proven to be an efficient, streamlined warehouse and distribution system".

Twice is nice

Now that Indiska is in a period of expansion it needs to oversee its IT systems to make sure they give the company optimal performance, especially with its logistic challenges. "What we needed was a new ERP system and a WMS system that could grow with us as we expand into Europe". Says Anders Linnarsson. "We decided on Oracle as the ERP system. We took the decision early on to stick to Astro WMS, instead of implementing the ERP WMS module. The system fits our needs well, is compatible with Oracle and expands to fulfil all our future logistics needs. It easily handles one of our dilemmas, that of importing goods into the Euro zone, and back out again". In other words, twice was definitely nice for Astro WMS.

East supplies West

Indiska70% of Indiska’s goods come from India, 30% from China. All the India supplies are sent to a warehouse in Mumbai. The goods are then packed in eco-friendly cardboard pallets. 70% of goods shipped from India go directly to the stores for sales, the rest go to the central warehouse. All goods from China are distributed from the central warehouse in Stockholm. From here they are transported to Indiska’s shops in Sweden, Norway and Finland.

Astro WMS for perfect planning

"We have achieved a strong picking set up, securing the right picked goods by the check figures at each spot" Says Anders. "Astro WMS is the perfect planning tool for creating tasks such as moving goods from buffer zones to picking areas. It helps us plan efficiently for each day’s work. The special advantage Astro WMS gives us is a rapid picking system with simplicity as the main advantage. This suits our situation better than scanning everything we pick. Much of this has to do with the types of goods we sell, everything from fashion to interior. Of course it puts high demands on the personnel in the buffer and picking area, but it works really well for us".

Flexibility and stability for easier growth

"Taking the Indiska brand further into Europe means we need to have even greater control and flexibility of our systems". Says Anders. "To achieve that we have to have a simple and stable interface that will work with other systems and grow when we grow, with minimum delay. Everything must be adaptable for international expansion".

Greener with efficiency

As with all modern trading companies,Indiska does its best to lower the impact its goods have on the environment. Logistics plays a vital part here. "We have long relationships with our suppliers in India, which means they know the goods we want and when we want them. They do what they can to ensure minimum waste. Using an efficient WMS system like Astro WMS keeps down our transport costs". Says Anders."We are part of the Clean Shipping Network too. We use shipping companies registered under this scheme who do what they can to reduce fuel usage, and minimize environmental damage".

Keeping Astro WMS was easy

One of the major reasons for staying with Astro WMS was the easy relationship between the two companies. “There was superb collaboration between us when we upgraded parts of the Astro WMS to adapt with Oracle. Says Anders Linnarsson. "We’re well placed to move our company ahead and I’m very confident in our future and in working with Astro WMS and Consafe Logistics."


About Indiska

In 1901 a female entrepreneur named Mathilda Hamilton decided to open a shop in Stockholm. She had lived in the Himalayas in northern India between 1894-1901. She called the shop Indiska Utställningen (Indian Exhibition) and it was situated on Regeringsgatan. This is the beginning of what is now INDISKA Magasinet AB, with 88 shops spread across Sweden, Finland and Norway. INDISKA is a family run business, and is today overseen by the third generation of the Thambert family, with its head office in Stockholm, Sweden and a central warehouse in Västberga, south of Stockholm. The company employs 600 staff, turning over 750 million SEK (excl. VAT) a year.


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