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Motorola MC3090 terminals for Inventory Solutions

The company scored its success due to an innovative idea for a business, as well as the use of state-of-the-art technologies and efficient, standard-based procedures. The innovative service is designed for a wide scope of organizations (wholesalers, warehouses, shops) that for greatly value high quality and speed. Apart from inventory services, Inventory Solutions provides its customers with compliance audits and mystery shopping services, based on trained observers who act as customers and collect necessary information. Currently the company plans to make inroads into the markets of the Czech Republic and Germany.

Choosing MC3090

The innovative offer of Inventory Solutions required equally innovative technology solutions from the very beginning. Therefore, since its establishment in September 2007, the company has been using Motorola MC3090 mobile terminals. These devices are pocket-sized, semi-industrial terminals designed for businesses requiring high-volume barcode data reading and processing. The terminals make the process of stocktaking extremely fast and efficient.

Inventory Solutions purchased the MC3090 terminals from Consafe Logistics. "Our main concern was to select equipment form a renowned manufacturer, offering exceptional reliability, as well as comprehensive and convenient support services and the high level of software know-how. Consafe Logistics proposed a very short order execution time (as compared to other bidders), as well as competent consulting services", says Michał Matłoka, Vice-President, Inventory Solutions Polska. Apart from expert support (provided in collaboration with Motorola Polska employees), Consafe Logistics used the Inventory Solution’s proposal and design to develop dedicated stocktaking software, which was then deployed in the terminals.

Deploying MC3090 terminals

Representatives of both companies agree that the process of deploying MC3090 mobile terminals was completed without any problems. After setting up the software and devices, Inventory Solution IT specialists underwent training related to terminal and WLAN operation. Once the training was completed, pilot stocktaking operations took place, supported by Consafe Logistics representatives. Data recorded during pilot stocktaking allowed to fine-tune the MC3090 settings so that they could satisfy the customer’s needs best.

However, the dynamic growth of Inventory Solutions (and first of all collaboration with chain store customers) soon rendered the device capabilities insufficient: the sheer size of databases in cases of some stocktaking projects was up to a million records, which was definitely more than the terminals could handle. The problem was solved by means of an additional SD card. "The the terminal’s memory cannot be extended indefinitely, and customer databases may contain from 90 to even 400 thousand records. Therefore, we fitted the terminal with an optional SD card, and now the database can contain as many as 2 million records. The customer is very satisfied with this solution", explains Sławomir Wieliński, Regional Office Sales Manager, Consafe Logistics.

MC3090 deployment results

As expected, the Motorola terminal is a perfect tool to deal with everyday tasks at Inventory Solutions. "The MC3090 terminals handle all the tasks we have to cope with. Our employees appreciate the ease of use, which is mainly related to the stocktaking software deployed by Consafe Logistics", states Michał Matłoka. With the terminals, the stocktaking projects are carried out really quickly and efficiently, and Inventory Solutions customers are pleased with the company’s professionalism. The devices prove to be very durable as well – after almost a year only one out of 130 terminals required warranty repair (Consafe Logistics is responsible for solving any such problems).

The fact that Inventory Solutions Polska plans to purchase another batch of 70 terminals by the end of the year is the best proof that the collaboration between the two companies is satisfactory for both partners.

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