Barcode system for JAS-FBG S.A.

Customer profile

JAS-FBG S.A. is one of the leading logistics companies in Poland. The company has a 17-year track record of dynamic growth and providing top quality services. At present, the company’s end-to-end portfolio comprises transportation services, freight forwarding services by road, rail, sea and air, as well as the distribution of general cargo consignments. The company has a total of more than 35,000 m2 of warehouse space near Warsaw, Wrocław, Poznań and Kraków. The company has also developed the largest network of customs offices and logistics and cargo termina

ls in Poland. As a result, services provided by JAS-FBG are available in more than 100 locations across the country. However, the company does not operate only in the domestic market – it also delivers services to customers in Germany and the Czech Republic. JAS-FBG S.A has received numerous prestigious awards including the "Business Gazelle" awarded by "Puls Biznesu" magazine and the elite "Teraz Polska" emblem.

Before deployment

Before the deployment of the barcode system from Consafe Logistics JAS-FBG S.A. used the ESE cargo forwarding software from Marcos. The Marcos system did not support the process of transshipment and parcel sorting, which caused warehousemen to make mistakes; parcels were sent to the wrong locations or loaded onto the wrong vehicles, and information was received by cargo forwarding agents and customers after significant delays. Correcting these mistakes cost the company a lot of time, and customers often filed complaints. JAS-FBG decided to upgrade the existing system in order to eliminate errors and improve the quality of their services. Consafe Logistics was commissioned to execute this task. "The decisive argument in favor of Consafe Logistics was the fact that the company had vast experience in executing similar projects. During a series of meetings we agreed upon the project outline and we could see that the level of competence and familiarity with logistics and cargo forwarding processes that Consafe Logistics showed was outstanding. Additional benefits were related to the end-to-end solution offered to us – in addition to software solutions we also received a very attractive hardware quote" – says Adam Stojanowski, CIO, JAS-FBG S.A. To enable all the features provided by the new system, Consafe Logistics offered Motorola mobile terminals and a radio network, as well as Zebra Technologies printers.

System deployment

The project of deploying the barcode system began with a detailed analysis of the logistics procedures in use at JAS-FBG S.A. This allowed Consafe Logistics to create a detailed functional design, taking into account all aspects of the cargo forwarding process – from planning to warehousing. One of the most important elements of the preparation stage was to define the deployment sequence at individual warehouses, because it was impossible to implement modifications in all locations at the same time.

Next the warehouses were measured, because radio terminals are based on a Wi-Fi network. This allowed Consafe Logistics to provide access to the service over the entire warehouse space. At the same time Consafe Logistics started development works, accompanied by tests carried out by JAS-FBG S.A.’s IT specialists. The integration of the two systems posed some challenges, which is a standard situation in such complex projects. "The rules for integrating with the cargo forwarding software were defined during the holiday season. What is more, they needed to be applied to multiple locations where the system was intended to be deployed. We solved this problem by developing automatic update applications for the terminals" – explains Damian Lindner, Key Account Manager, Consafe Logistics.

Contrary to what had been expected, the process of deployment did not negatively influence JAS-FBG S.A.’s operations. Some delays in loading goods were encountered during the initial period of system operation, however. These delays resulted from the software architecture, which blocks any actions until all errors are cleared – a solution that allows JAS-FBG to eliminate problems occurring later during the process of delivery. Fortunately, once the employees became accustomed to the new system, the number of errors and resulting delays dropped significantly. Moreover, during deployment projects carried out at other locations Consafe Logistics drew on their experience gained during the first deployment, which increased the efficiency of the procedure. After commissioning the system at JAS-FBG’s locations Consafe Logistics configured the hardware, so that it could maximize the benefits of the new system.

The process of deployment was concluded with 3-day workshops for forwarding agents and warehousemen at each warehouse. During these workshops JAS-FSB S.A.’s IT specialists provided the employees with detailed information on the system’s new functions and the dependencies between the warehouse and cargo forwarding department. Warehousemen also participated in training courses on the technical aspects of using radio terminals.

After barcode system deployment

Deployment of the barcode system improved JAS-FBG S.A.’s performance significantly. "We noticed an improvement in the quality of delivered service. The system effectively detects any errors and forces the forwarding agents to correct them immediately. Deployment of the barcode system streamlined the process of tracking consignment routes – now we can verify the precise time the consignment was received or handed over by a specific warehouse. We believe that this will quickly result in a major reduction in forwarding costs related to a drop in the number of complaints and mistakes requiring us to deliver consignments as the express service" – says Adam Stojanowski.

The new system is also appreciated by employees, who were skeptical at first, but quickly changed their opinion of the new solutions. Thanks to the strict supervision of the cargo forwarding process, the system relieves the employees of a large portion of their responsibilities and limits the number of possible mistakes. Warehousemen are also pleased with the system – it documents the entire process of loading and unloading, which ensures total transparency of work. Plans for further collaboration and system upgrades are the best proof that both partners participating in this project are satisfied with the final results.

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