Narkefrakt ControlTransport

Many miles, few dead miles

Narkefrakt_photo "Before we installed ControlTransport we worked over the phone", explains Sers. "An order started with a call from the customer. Then we rang a driver we assumed was close by. Often we had to ring several drivers to locate one that was in the right area. Sometimes we were too late; the driver had already passed the customer and had to turn around."

"Earlier, a simple order took a lot longer and was less cost-effective. The mobile units Närkefrakt use are equipped with a GPS. This means the order department can always see where the drivers are located, and can easily contact the driver closest to the customer. The order is sent directly to the handheld mobile unit with directions to the customer from the driver’s current location. The driver can head directly to the customer, without spending time searching for the best route or the final destination. Our transport planning is much more effective now. We can see where the trucks are located before sending the orders. It saves time since we reduce the amount of 'dead' miles and it makes less impact on the environment."

"Not all employees were thrilled about the new technology" , Sers says, "but they quickly became positive when they started using ControlTransport. They realize now that this is something Närkefrakt must have in order to be ready for the future and stay competitive. Several drivers really liked having a handheld computer in their truck."

"Those who don’t have mobile solutions such as this within the next three years may not disappear, but they will be way behind those who do. Consafe Logistics is a partner that will help us and our customers into the future", concludes Kenneth Sers.



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