SCA France SattStore

Storing hygiene products at SCA in Le Theil, France

SCA is a leading international paper company within absorbent hygiene products, packaging solutions and publication papers. The main market is Western Europe. A strong penetration in certain segments has also been made in North America.

Hygiene Products produces tissues, baby diapers, feminine hygiene products and in-continence products. Some of the consumer brands are Libero, Libresse, Tork, Tena and Edet.

The warehouse in Le Theil, France consists of two sites, North and South. Between the two sites runs a shuttle to move articles that should be stored in and delivered from the other store. Production is performed in one site, Factory South. From Factory South, pallets labelled with an EAN128 label are delivered into Warehouse South on two conveyors.

Both conveyors are equipped with a Logo-Pak barcode labelling station and barcode reader and registration of the pallets is performed completely automatically. Goods coming this way are always stored in Warehouse South. The pallets are stored into the warehouse using “Trains” (i.e. a row of pallets pushed by a forklift truck).

SattStore calculates the size of the trains dynamically, keeping in mind a number of parameters:

  • Maximum train size
  • Maximum train weight
  • Maximum available free pallet places on the deposit locations

The trains can exist of more then 20 pallets, which are handled in one transport. When output is requested, it is possible to perform picking in advance during the night before delivery. The picked goods are parked in the warehouse until the truck has arrived.

When the truck arrives several strategies are activated to optimize the truck loading like:

  • The journey loading principle is activated, which means that the truck is loaded in reverse order in which it should be unloaded
  • Shortest driving distance for the mobile trucks
  • Optimal spreading of the truck drivers regarding the workload

Due to SattStore, external storage can be reduced dramatically. Because of this and several other advantages, the return on investment is calculated on one year.

To give an impression of the weekly performance, the following averages are achieved:

  • 19.000 pallets received per week (7 days, 24 hours)
  • 19.000 pallets delivered per week (5 days, 16 hours) over 400 shipments

Special functions

  • ‘Train’ handling
  • Controlled transfers between the two physical separated warehouses
  • Location selection considering stacking height of the articles on the pallet and physical limitation in the warehouse
  • Consider in- and output transports in sev-eral ways to ensure optimal productivity
  • Journey loading
  • Communication to host via FTP over a TCP/IP network
  • Transport planning via SattStore E-portal

Equipment used

  • 1 IBM RS6000 server with AIX as operating system
  • 1 Tape station
  • 8 Windows2000 client PC’s
  • 12 RF truck terminals
  • 6 RF handheld terminals
  • 19 RF access points

Warehouse specifications

Site South:

  • 630 Block stacking locations (total storage capacity 25.000 pallets)
  • 150 Pick locations
  • 2 Production conveyors

Site North:

  • 380 Block stacking locations (total storage capacity 17.000 pallets)



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