SchoellerArca AstroWMS

Schoeller Arca Systems uses Astro WMS to control its major European distribution centres

Since the early nineties, Schoeller Arca Systems has been successfully controlling logistics from its Swedish Perstorp plant using Astro WMS from Consafe Logistics. The company is now implementing Astro WMS in its major European production plants at Schwerin in Germany and Nurieux in France. Using Astro WMS the company will increase service levels regarding delivery/dispatch times; increase efficiency with automated warehouse procedures, and keep exact track of inventory costs, decreasing working capital

"We have increased production volumes and service levels in recent years and need to invest in our 2 major factories", says Anders Wincent, responsible for production within Schoeller Arca Systems. "We have had an excellent working relationship with Consafe Logistics for many years, and are very pleased with the functions offered from Astro WMS. We have very good control of processes at Perstorp and want to continue this good practice in both Schwerin and Nurieux, our two major European plants."

World leaders in plastic materials handling products

Schoeller Arca Systems offers a very broad range of products including foldable large containers, intermediate bulk containers, big boxes, pallets, crates and trays for beverages, returnable plastic containers and UN certified pails. Two key principles govern all their product development: Achieving efficient logistics and reducing total costs for their customers. "By using raw materials economically and improving distribution efficiency, we offer good environmental performance”, comments Anders Wincent. "Together with Consafe Logistics we have continually raised efficiency and decreased the use of resources over the years. We have extremely large storage areas in both Germany and France. Using Astro WMS we will be able to direct forklifts and handling in a very efficient way, reducing forklifts and forklift movements, thereby improving the environment”, adds Anders.

Complete confidence in Astro WMS

"Over the years, Astro WMS has proved to be an excellent choice for controlling our logistics", concludes Anders. "We have complete confidence in Astro WMS and Consafe Logistics, which is why we are now choosing them for our roll-out in Europe."

"We have managed to achieve many good things together with Schoeller Arca Systems", says Magnus Hallbeck, Sales Manager for Consafe Logistics. "We have worked hard to optimize logistics routines helping them with greater warehouse control placement and reduced truck movements. Today, Schoeller Arca Systems has total control over inventory and a complete overview about what’s happening in the warehouse. We have been proud to have played a part in the success of a company that gains its competitive advantage through logistics", says Magnus Hallbeck.


About Schoeller Arca Systems

Schoeller Arca Systems is the result of the joining together of the Dutch company Schoeller Wavin Systems and the Swedish company Arca Systems. As a combined entity, Schoeller Arca Systems is the world’s largest manufacturer of plastic returnable packaging for material handling. The head office is based in the Netherlands.



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