Consafe Logistics introduces WMS as a Service

A reliable and scalable WMS without worrying about technical and functional management and without investing in servers and software licenses. We now offer Astro WMS, as a "Software as a Service" solution (SaaS).


The SaaS model is not new, but has so far been less used for warehouse management systems (WMS). Not without reason, a WMS is a critical IT-system for which downtime is unacceptable. Using a WMS via a standard internet connection has for many companies been connected to unacceptable risks.

Today those risks belong to the past. Almost every company has a fibre - usually two or more - with more than enough capacity to connect to the data centre where the WMS runs in a secure and stable connection. Actually, with all built-in security, the WMS in the data centre is often in safer hands, than in your own servers, next to your warehouse.

Scalable and financially attractive

The SaaS model has many advantages. You do not need to purchase their own server, only rent server capacity in a data centre. They do not need to invest in software licenses, simply pay a fixed monthly amount based on the number of users or the number of transactions. Consafe Logistics manages applications and upgrades, confirming that you always have the latest Astro WMS version.

As might be expected of a professional service, the SaaS model is flexible and scalable. Should you want to deploy additional temporary WMS users, it is possible - a seasonal peak is easily handled. This way you never have to pay for capacity that you do not use.

Extensive experience

In Denmark and Sweden Consafe Logistics has extended experience with the SaaS model. Not only for WMS, but also for mobile solutions (EM.Distribution), including distribution routes and transport orders in real time using PDAs and Tablets. And in the Netherlands a large reputable logistics provider implemented Astro WMS, according to the SaaS model. They chose the SaaS model because of its scalability. The company has several DC's with different seasonal peaks. The SaaS model offers the possibility reserved the WMS capability needed for the specific time at the specific DC.

SaaSSaaS customized

As the mentioned example demonstrates, it depends on your requirements how the SaaS model is used in your company. Do you want to pay per user or per transaction? If you choose a "public" cloud, or prefer some extra security of a private cloud? Do you prefer a single database for your entire operation or a separate database for each DC? Consafe Logistics offers you the ability to choose to your liking in this tailored model.

Contact us for more information at or send an email to any contact on our website.

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