podcast 1

Make the right demands when you select a supplier.

podcastHiring a professional can be expensive. Hiring an amateur more so. Being successful with vendor selection is key to your profitability. This podcast discusses the steps to take to find the right vendor, while avoiding the most common mistakes.

Podcast 2

The right way to find the right vendor? Involve your staff.

podcastYou might think that a lean vendor selection process saves time and money. But if you miss out on asking your relevant staff, you’re missing out on a wealth of knowledge and experience. Based on what we’ve seen over a longer term this podcast talks about the importance of a multi-disciplinary team, who should be represented in the SCE IT vendor selection process, and why.

Podcast 3

Implementing a new supply chain IT system? Don’t forget the ROI study.

podcastConducting an ROI study before implement a new supply chain IT system is almost like writing yourself a money-back guarantee. This podcast demonstrates how the ROI study shows where you can expect to make savings, and how quickly you’ll recoup your money on your investment.

Podcast 4

5 steps to a smarter ROI calculation

podcastAn ROI study is a recipe for successful IT implementation. Listen in while we discuss the kind of template to use and how to quantify the benefits of your investment against the total costs of that investment over time.

Podcast 5

Do it yourself, or call in the cavalry?

podcastWhat’s best? Performing an ROI study in-house, or calling in experts? We’ll discuss how to balance the knowledge from your own personnel with their deep knowledge of your processes against companies who specialize in supply chain IT best practice.

podcastWe know what it’s like. The business you have to take care of today keeps you from thinking ahead and planning for the future. There are simply not enough hours left in the day. That’s why we launched the Consafe Logistics podcast universe. The podcasts allow us to bring you knowledge, inspiration and experience in a format that you can enjoy whenever you have the time.

We are an international leader in Supply Chain Execution and our podcasts touch on all areas of our solutions, offer and expertise. We introduce you to ROI estimation, IT vendor selection and many more hot topics that you can’t afford to ignore. Listen in for smart decision making: 

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